for November 2020



For those of you that know me, you probably know that I am not one to spend money unless it is a necessary expense or it adds value in a way that makes life less stressful and more enjoyable. This usually means frugal living, shopping for deals, and delaying gratification…which can be brutal at times. But November is a great time splurge a little and feel good about it because there are so many great deals out there this month! Here are four ways to spend that are well worth your time (and money): 

1) Shop Sales. This one is pretty obvious and straightforward, but November is THE month for sales. Not only do we have multiple holidays this month, but multiple sales offered by retailers including: Veterans Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. As an added bonus, many retailers are starting their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales up to a week early to entice online shopping and many are offering FREE shipping on purchases! This year, if you are planning to shop online, consider combining retailer deals with app rebates. One of my favorite apps is Rakuten and they are offering great deals at some of your favorite stores (up to 6% cashback at Macy’s and Walmart) and they even give cashback on gift card purchases, so if you have gift cards on your list of Christmas items to buy, check out Rakuten before you buy them in-store (up to 4% on Bath and Body Works gift cards and 8% on Adidas)! Use my Rakuten referral link and if you spend $40, you get $40 in rebates!*

*Qualified Referrals are during the period beginning on November 6, 2020 and ending on December 25, 2020 (“Offer Period”). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Referral Program Terms, this offer is valid only if the referral signs up and completes their qualifying purchase within 90 days. You and your referral must be located in the U.S. or Canada to qualify.







2) Thanksgiving Deals. Many of you are already savvy couponing experts, but did you know you can combine your coupon savings with app rebates? There are a TON of great apps out there and Ibotta is one of my favorites. Right now they are offering up to 100% cash back on items for your family’s Thanksgiving dinner at Walmart Pickup & Deliver. For additional savings, use my referral code: CRLMALR and receive a $20 credit!

3) DNA/Ancestry Kits. This one might seem random and strange, but if you’ve been waiting ALL year to buy one like I have, now is the time! Whether you’ve been thinking about buying one for yourself or you are looking for a creative gift idea, you will find the best deals in November. Both 23andme and Ancestry.com are offering discounts (these deals only happen once a year!) 23andme.com is offering a 20% discount on their basic kit and a 50% discount on their health kit through 11/26. Ancestry.com is also offering some great discounts, so check them out!

4) No-spend November. Ok, so this isn’t a deal per se, but this is a great time to try a “no-spend” month (also known as a “spending freeze”). Whether you are trying to save up some money for Christmas gifts or you want to try to cut back on spending to better prepare for the unknowns of 2021, this is a tried and true method that works. If a full month of no spending seems daunting, try a two week test run and see how it works for you. If you want more information about how to do a no-spend challenge, let me know and I will devote a future blog post of youtube video to this topic!




4 Money Tips to Survive Thrive in 2020



1) Check-in on Your Money. Has anything changed in the last few months? If you see big changes in your spending, don’t ignore it. Don’t stress about it though! Now that you know, you can make a plan.  If you aren’t already using a method to track your expenses, try Mint.com. Once you set-up your budget and link your accounts, watch as it automatically calculates if your spending is over or under for the month. If you aren’t sure what your budget should look like in the midst of a pandemic, consider scheduling a budget review. They are FREE!  

2) Prioritize and Save Money Where You Can. With the great unknown ahead of us, this is the perfect time to assess your priorities and eliminate any unnecessary expenses. Then use those funds to build up your emergency fund, build wealth, or save up for your ticket on SpaceX. My go-to savings account is Ally.com. If you’ve been laid off or furloughed and don’t know when you will see your next paycheck, prioritizing is key to preventing a bump in the road from becoming a downward spiral and it buys you some time while you work towards replacing your income. 

3) Take advantage of refunds, tax breaks, and other measures enacted this year. Depending on your situation, there may be several options available to you to ease your financial burden. Many banks, utility companies, student loan servicers, and credit card companies are offering some kind of relief benefit. Check with yours and see what their coronavirus (COVID-19) response looks like and what they are offering. You might be pleasantly surprised! If you find that you aren’t eligible for any of the benefits offered and are struggling, contact me for a FREE consultation or schedule a Full Financial Assessment. I will get you on the right track, for a fraction of what others will charge and if I can’t at least save you the cost of my service, I waive the charge and work with you for FREE.

4) Join TwentyFour Financial on Facebook and YouTube. Like the facebook page and subscribe to the YouTube channel. A lot of new content is planned and if you want to end 2020 well and start 2021 feeling empowered and more confident about your money, join us on social media and help build our community! 






5 Money Tips to Start 2020 Off Right

Make This Your Year!



1) Estimate this year’s income and expenses and build your 2020 budget. Take 10 minutes and estimate your monthly expenses and any big expenditures that may be coming up this year. If you need help getting started, try SmartAsset’s Budget Calculator. Once you know your numbers, update last year’s budget or create your 2020 budget. If you don’t know how, I have a Budget Worksheet that can help!

2) Track your expenses throughout the year. I like to use Mint.com to track my expenses and make sure I stick to my budget. Their easy-to-use app provides the ability to set goals and they provide helpful charts and graphs to help you visualize your progress! If you don’t like Mint.com, there are other apps you can use. If you have questions about the best one for your situation, TwentyFour Financial is here to help! 


3) Lower your monthly bills. Most estimates show consumers racked up on average $1,000+ of debt over the holiday season. January is the perfect time to ease your financial burdens by reviewing your regular bills (electric, internet, cell phone, auto insurance, etc.) and getting a better deal.  A blog post on this is coming soon! 

4) Move your savings into a high-interest savings account. Don’t let your money just sit there, make it work for you! There are several banks offering great rates for savings accounts right now: anywhere from 1.60%-1.85% (this is well above the average bank rate of 0.01%-0.03%). I typically recommend using Ally.com. They are on the lower-end of high interest banks, but have fewer requirements and restrictions than many of the others.

5) Create a comprehensive financial plan. Are you going through the motions each month, paying the bills and crossing your fingers that some day you will have the money you need for the life you want? Get proactive! Make sure you are saving, investing, and budgeting effectively so that you can be where you want to be a year from now or five years from now. Contact me for a FREE consultation and when you are ready to take the next step, my Full Financial Assessment will get you on the right track, for a fraction of what others will charge.