What is a Financial Coach?

A financial coach helps clients build a better relationship with money and navigate financial obstacles. Financial coaches can help you create a plan, stick to your goals, and keep you motivated as you reach for your dreams. When selecting a coach that is right for you, look for some one who will:

  • Work with you collaboratively
  • Provide education
  • Empower you to achieve financial freedom!
How can a Financial Coach help me? A coach can…
  • Help you develop a healthy relationship with money (yes, it’s a relationship!)
  • Help prioritize which debts to pay down first
  • Help you identify your goals and develop a plan to get there
  • Provide education on wealth-building strategies without you having to worry about if they are trying to sell you on a specific product.

 Financial coaches DO NOT offer investment advice, financial planning, a debt management plan or debt consolidation services

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